First of all, I wanted to thank you guys for all the amazing questions that I got! My snapchat crashed a couple of times cuz there were so many new messages that were tryna load at once :’)

Anyways, i tried to categorize the questions so its a bit easier for you guys to spot the stuff you wanted to know.

About me 

Where are you from? I am NOT from Australia, ive actually never even been to Australia, I dont know where my accent comes from tbh. My dads Turkish and my mums Polish/Austrian, I grew up in Germany/Belgium and then moved to London.

What month were you born in? November

Whats do you do for a living? I work at a nursery school.

What other job do you do on the weekend? I clean the houses/flats of elderly people that cant afford cleaning ladies and are also unable to clean their houses themselves.

Whats your dream job? I want to study work and my end goal is to work with homeless people.

Do you model professionally? No I dont.

How tall are you? Im about 5’2.

Personal Life/Relationships

Are you single/married? I am single and no im not married, married to work maybe haha

Would you date someone you met on IG? I have never dated someone ive met on ig but I did meet up with one guy who like inboxed me on ig.

Have you ever dated a Mexican? No I havent.

How old was the oldest guy you were romantically involved with? The oldest guy I was with was 39 whilst I was 18, he used to live in the squad too which means I knew him for a good couple of years before we got together. We got together 2 years after I moved out of the squad and we were together for about a year I think. 

What kind of guys are you into? I like guys that kinda like know who they are if that makes sense & guys that know what they want from life (basically just want someone mature enough to not do completely stupid sh*t anymore). My “ideal” boyfriend should be interested in politics as well, simply because politics are a huge part of my life. When it comes to looks there really aint a certain type that I go for, ive been together with heavily tattooed and pierced guys, ive been together with guys that had mohawks, long haired guitar teachers, guys that had no tattoos but buzzcuts etc. I just dont think looks or the way that someone dresses should matter that much, I mean you can be the most beautiful person in the world and still be a d*ck. But I do generally go for slightly older guys but thats only because they tend to be more mature.

Are you loyal in relationships? Yes i am.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Yes i have been in long distance relationships, as long as you can trust your partner fully its not as bad as many people seem to think. I mean being with someone that lives close to where you live is much easier but if the other persons worth it, distance shouldnt really matter as long as you get to see eachother every couple of weeks.

Oldest and youngest guy you were with? The oldest guy I was with was 21 years older than me and the youngest guy was 24 when we got together, back when I was 19.

Social Media 

Do you have Facebook? No, I actually dont. Ive got Instagram, snapchat and this WordPress thing haha

Do you have Snapchat? My snapchats “missysacat”

Do you have a YouTube? No, I dont cuz I have this really bad tendency to ramble like haha

Do you do makeup tutorials? I dont atm, but I love Jeffree Stars makeup tutorials! Seriously, if you wanna watch good makeup tutorials you gotta watch his!


When are you coming to the US? Im not gonna go to the US as long as Trumps president, if it wasnt for him id love to go tho!

Do you have any friends/family in Texas? A very good friend of mine lives in Texas, and I got family in Texas as well but we rarely talk.

Are you coming to New Zealand any time soon? I really wanna go to New Zealand but I probs wont be able to go till at least next year.

Being vegan/why I dont drink

Why are you vegan? Because I think not eating meat is healthier and because i dont want any animals to suffer because of me.

What’s your go to beverage to drink?/ Do you like beer? Water, I dont drink alcohol, so its water for me.

Why dont you drink alcohol? I dont drink because my first ever proper boyfriend was an alcoholic, watching him get worse and worse just put me off alcohol too much. I have no problem with other people drinking/ being drunk around me tho.

Tattoos & Piercings

What does your chest tattoo say? It says “Minimum brain for eyerbody!”. Sounds really when you translate it.

Whats your next tattoo going to be? Mr. Burns from the Simpsons!

What was the first tattoo that you got? My first ever tattoo is a big rose on my left thigh and I got it done when I was about 11 or 12 I think.

Do your tattoos have any meaning? The portrait of my cat obviously stands for my love for my cat, my chestpiece I just got done cuz I thought itd be kinda fun. When it comes to my other tattoo, most of them were done by friends, family or random people I met at punk festivals, they dont have any meaning but they do remind me of pretty sick times.

Whats been your favorite tattoo that you have gotten? I dont really have favorite, my least favorite is the heart with the A in it tho, simply because I cant stand the person I got that for anymore :’)

What was the most painful tattoo/piercing to get? Most painful was definitely my chestpiece, getting that done wasnt fun at all. Getting my piercings done didnt really hurt that much but having my tongue doubling in size after getting it pierced was really annoying like, it didnt really hurt but I couldn’t really eat/drink/talk for a couple of days.

How long have you had your cheeks pierced? I think about 3,5 years now, not too sure tho.

Have you got any piercings where we cant see? No I dont, I used to have my belly button pierced but it got ripped out by a drunk ex.

Any tattoo artists you want us to check out? @blackhandmatt and @danielgensch on IG! Two of the nicest guys ever and I really love their work!

Music and Movies

What kind of music do you like? I listen to loads of different genres, im definitely really into Punk and hip hop, but I do also love some singer/songwriter stuff, psychobillys something that I like listening too and I even listen to some country every now and then.

Whats your favorite TV show? South Park!

Whats your favorite punk band? I dont really have a favorite band, there are just too many really good bands out there. Two bands ive always loved are The Exploited and Crass tho.

Favorite singer? Dont really have a favorite but I love Iggy Pop and David Bowie (RIP).

Do you like The Killers? I dont really listen to them but I dont mind them.

Whats your favorite movie genre and favorite movie? I live for documentaries, Michael Moores documentaries I love and my favorite movie is Trainspotting.

Do you like techno? I dont hate it but I dont listen to it.

Do you like cannibal corpse? I dont really listen to metal that much, got loads of mates who love metal tho.

Beauty/Plastic Surgery/Style

Whats your favorite makeup brand? Jeffree Star cosmetics, NYX cosmetics and Kat von D beauty!

Do you cut your bangs yourself? Yes I do.

Are your boobs real? Yes they are, im way too poor for plastic surgery haha

What setting spray do you use? Urban Decays Chill & NYXs matte setting spray

Where do you buy your makeup? I buy pretty much all of makeup online and some of my makeup comes from overseas so it sometimes takes weeks to get delivered but its totally worth it.

Whats your hair routine?  I dont really have a hair routine, like I wash my hair, blow dry it and put it up in a bun like haha I sometimes do like olive oil hair masks, but that only happens very rarely. Ive just got very very thick hair so it aint hard for me to make it all big looking whilst its in a bun.

What do you classify your style as and what do you get inspired by? I dont really classify my style as anything, I just wear what I like. Can be my studded leather jacket on one day and a pastel pink velvet dress on the next day haha. I definitely do get inspiration from different people, I really love punk stuff, rockabilly stuff but I also really like how for example Tammy Hembrow dresses. I guess its all just really mixed up when it comes to me.


What do your parents look like?/ Who do you look like more? I think im pretty much a mixture of both of my parents tbh. But when it comes to personalities, my mum and me are really different like, we listen to pretty much the same music and we are both on the same page when it comes to politics but other than that we dont have anything in common haha

Do you have sibings? Yes, one younger brother.

What are your pets names? My dogs are called Athena and Iwan, my cats called Funda.

Do you have many friends? Ive got a few friends that im really close with, like people that i can literally trust with my life and then i got a shit tonne of mates, like people that i like being with but were not overly close.

Are your pets vegan too? No theyre not.

Questions I didnt know how to catagorize

Whats something that most people dont know about you? I used to live in a proper punk squad when I younger, and there was like 16 people living there in total but I was the only female person and by far the youngest. The oldest guy who lived there was about 60 when I moved in and the youngest was my boyfriend at that time who was 26.

Whats your self proclaimed philosophy? Its not really self proclaimed but its something that I live by. The songs called “Big a little a” and by the UK punk band Crass.

“Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do

I am he and she is she but you’re the only you

No one else has got your eyes, can see the things you see

It’s up to you to change your life and my life’s up to me

The problems that you suffer from are problems that you make

The shit we have to climb through is the shit we choose to take

If you don’t like the life you live, change it now it’s yours

Nothing has effects if you don’t recognise the cause

If the programme’s not the one you want, get up, turn off the set

It’s only you that can decide what life you’re gonna get

If you don’t like religion you can be the antichrist

If your tired of politics you can be an anarchist

But no one ever changed the church by pulling down a steeple

And you’ll never change the system by bombing number ten

Systems just aren’t made of bricks they’re mostly made of people

You may send them into hiding, but they’ll be back again

If you don’t like the rules they make, refuse to play their game

If you don’t want to be a number, don’t give them your name

If you don’t want to be caught out, refuse to hear their question

Silence is a virtue, use it for your own protection

They’ll try to make you play their game, refuse to show your face

If you don’t want to be beaten down, refuse to join their race

Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do

I am he and she is she but you’re they only you”

Number one thing youre afraid of? Spiders, I dont know why they just freak me out big time.

How many languages do you speak? I speak English and German, I do speak a bit Turkish and French and I understand Dutch but I cant speak it. And I do understand Polish a bit but I can only swear in polish haha