To everybody who “wants to be/look like me” 

Hey guys, 

Over the last few weeks the number of comments, dms, sc messages of some of you saying stuff like “I wanna look like you”, “I wanna be you”, “I wish I was (like) you” etc. skyrocketed. Whilst I do get that most of you guys only mean it as a compliment, I am also pretty certain that some of you are actually being serious. 

Theres two things I wanna tell you, I take sh*t tonnes of pictures and only upload a few, like out of 100 pictures I take about 3 or 4 will actually “make it” to Instagram. And I do use filters on IG, I change the contrast, change the shadows and highlights etc. What I am trying to say here is, that in reality I dont always look like I do on most posts on IG. I dont always wear a full face of makup, fake lashes and lipstick, I dont walk around with 7% of an IG filter applied to my face. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, I love playing around with it, I love how much you can do just by contouring and baking your face, its just that it aint something that I do an every day basis and you guys should always be aware of that. IG makeup is one thing but everyday makeups something completely different. 

The other thing is that im not perfect, I can be incredibly shy when being introduced to a group of people that I dont know. I actually just stop talking which makes loads of people think that im really rude when in reality, im just being awkward cuz im way too shy. I have no problem getting to know people but I do much better when its just one person at a time. I also dont like being in the center of attention, just makes me feel weird as hell. Some people seem to think that im like the most outgoing person ever, which I definitely can be when im with people I know or a single person that im getting to know, but im really not when it comes to actual groups of people. I try to be the best version of myself that I can be, but in the end im only human. I make mistakes, I piss people off without wanting to, I get up at 5:30 every morning to get ready for work… Im just like you guys and I dont want you to look up to me as if im standing on a pedestal, because im really not.

Anyways I hope this wasnt too boring to read or too badly written, I havent really slept in like 48h and I feel like I cant really think clearly at the moment haha

I wish all of you guys all the best xx 


2 thoughts on “To everybody who “wants to be/look like me” ”

  1. That is really nice thing to put up on your bio especially when you got loads of followers and how many people on Instagram is brave enough to do that or share something personal as such.It is always nice to see or meet person is down to earth inspite of how many followers they have as most of those models on here(I understand that you are not model) only think about themselves and they are only few who are not afraid to share something personal like you have in my humble opinion.
    Like you said,we are only human so there is nothing wrong with all those things you have mentioned regarding yourself as we all have got that in one way or another and we all try to live/enjoy everyday life somehow(well,I do at least).People use social network in different reason and without Instagram I would have never known existence of you so I feel greatful in a way👌
    Anyway,keep up your good work and do whatever you want which makes you happy(not others),and I hope that people ask you something interesting for your Q&A😊

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